Our cows are a blend of Jersey, cross (Jersey & Holsteins) from Australia.

The Jersey originally came from the island of Jersey in the English Channel. They are known for their very creamy milk and ability to keep producing into old age. Jersey colours can range from a brown through to grey, but the most common is a pale honey colour. Look out for small pointed horns and a black nose. The Jersey is one of the oldest dairy breeds, having been reported by authorities as being purebred for nearly six centuries.

holstein-friesianThe Holstein Friesian originally came from Holland but in more recent times has been influenced by imports from North America. The Holstein Friesian a big milk producer as well. To identify one, look for distinctive black and white markings.

At Sapphire Dairies, we have combined the Jersey Cattle with the Holstein Friesian. This is a very powerful tool available for cattle producers to improve efficiency of the overall herd . The fat percentage is a little lower as compared to the purebred Jersey but the quantity of milk produced is higher, thus, making a very economical breed for the farmer.


calfThe first few days after calving, the calves are kept in the calf cages. Proper attention to these calves is given by our veterinarians. We follow a very strict vaccination schedule right from the beginning to avoid disease and an epidemic occurrence. The calf mortality since the inception of this project has been less than 2 percent.